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Type 1

Full Page Ad

Hungry's full-page ad will show up for 5 seconds on app start. Show up rate is up to 40% to guarantee ad quality while maintaining fluent user experience. 

* Deliver the most information to customers
* Highly noticeable
* Improve brand awareness
* Works best with new dishes on board or promotional events.
* Information needed: High-quality image & ad details. Hungry will provide ad design.

Price: $20/day, $120/week, $450/month.

Promotion: Free 1-month Filter Page Banner Ad with 3-months Full Page Ad purchase.

Type 2

Filter Page Banner Ad

Filter page is one of the most viewed pages due to its functionality. While filtering for different cuisines or restaurants, the ads are always on the top rotating.

* More affordable
* Improve brand awareness
* Clickable ad leading to your own website
* Works best as an add-on to the Full Page Ad

*Price: $5~$7/day (10-day minimum), $150~$200/month (higher price is for an ad with URL)

Type 3

Stick-On-Top Ad

Stick-on-top is the most popular ad service among all the options. Highly recommended for a new restaurant/new dish on boarding. Instantly increase your order amount during the promotional period.

* Super Affordable
* Boost revenue instantly
* Improve brand awareness
* Works best when first joined Hungry platform or adding new dishes
Price: $80/week (maximum 2 weeks)

Promotion: Enjoy $10 off with 2-week Stick-on-Top Ad purchase.

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