Authentic Chinese Halal Restaurant

If you are an Asian food fan and living/traveling in LA, congratulations you are in the right place to get tons of Authentic Chinese food: hotpot, seafood, roasted duck, milk tea, etc. However, if you are a muslim, looking for halal food options, then your options reduced to very few. Luckily, we still have some really good places to go, and Chinese Islamic Restaurant is definitely the No. 1 among them all.

The current owners of China Islamic Restaurant took over the business from its previous own in 2018. The muslim couple came from Ningxia province and Xinjiang province, where a lot of Chinese muslims live.

The owners updated the menu based on their own taste. For example, their chef special dishes - Chinese lamb burger, mutton entrails soup and beef casseroles are the most popular and most ordered dishes.

Chinese Lamb Burger

Beef Casseroles

To ensure the food quality and meet the halal food standard, all meat they use are halal certified. The owners would like to guarantee that all muslims can enjoy the food without worrying about breaking their religious practice.

Other than traditional flavors, they also have dishes that cater to local customers. Walnut shrimp and fried noodles attract many customers back.

Walnut Shrimp

Fried Noodle


7727 Garvey Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770